Chris Evans’ Ice Bucket Challenge 

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I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this package from cosmolade and then actually teared up when I opened it up and saw this inside. (I’m going to get you back one day YOON!!)

Yoon has been such a good friend and such a huge inspiration for my artwork since I stumbled across her account about a year ago. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a sweetheart she is. I won’t go into specifics cause it’s personal, but I just wanted to say thanks to Yoon, and tell you guys to plague her with the love of a thousand suns cause she is worth it!

Such a talented artist. 

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 ”I know what to do now. I won’t rely on anyone anymore. I don’t care if no one understands. I won’t let Madoka fight.”

~ Homura Akemi


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Sketch Give Away WINNERS!!!!!

Hey guys, my little sketch give away just ended on the 15th, and after much counting the winners have been decided!


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Direct message me with what you want me to draw for you and I’ll do my best not to disappoint! Thanks so much to those that entered. I’ll do my best to post them up once I’m done. It’s good to have small projects to work on before school.

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Basically the main series that I’m keeping up with at the moment. That and like dozen other sports anime-

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Hey guys like I said I wanted to do something special for you all as thanks for all your amazing support and love!

WINNERS: There will be 4 winners!! chosen at random by using a number generator

PRIZES: A free pencil sketch request of your choosing by yours truly. Simple, but detailed like the examples above. (please keep moderately sfw please and thank you…)


  • No use of giveaway blogs please!
  • Both likes and reblogs count towards an entry! 
  • You don’t need to follow, but it would be very very much appreciated!! 

ENDS:  The Give Away will end on August 15th 2014

Signal Boost highly encouraged so more people can get in on the action! *Snaps Fingers, Winks Eye, Teeth Sparkle*

Alrighty, I think thats it guys. Shoot me a message if you have any questions regarding this or for whatever else your heart desires.

Hey guys, 3 more days until the give away ends! Like and reblog to win a chance at a free sketch request from yours truly!

P.S. I’m and idiot and somehow deleted the original post to this so I had to reblog this from someone else, big fail. Do this is the new “master post”.

FINE I ADMIT IT YOWAPEDAL IS CUTE AS HELL. Especially Odona f*cking look at this baby, HE’S SO CUTE-

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Philosophical questions for 4 A.M.

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Hey I love your art :) what's the best way to become friends with you?


Just ask.

hey for the entry, will we get disqualified if we reblog more than once? does only one like/reblog count? thanks

I won’t hold it against you if you already did. But no you should only like/reblog once please! That way its fair to everyone who has entered. 



Yes sweet anon i am working as we speak! 

Das me

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Can you tell us about yourself?


  • I am a level 89 Super Pooper
  • I love Japanese Culture and Art
  • I cry a lot 
  • I cry a lot 
  • I think Queer couples are the cutest thing
  • I like butts (especially boy butts)
  • I was born and raised overseas 
  • I am currently an Illustration Major at RISD
  • I’m a queer Gender-fluid clusterfuck of emotion
  • I’m a geek everyday of the week
  • I just want to be loved

I think that covers most of it. Any other questions?


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Trying to draw again… (^◇^)

Ahh!! that anon made me double check to see if I credited artists for inspiration. The Blue pencil drawing of the girl was a study of one of Tae’s works. You can view there work on tumblr at snnns or on pixiv. Thank you Anon for bringing this to my attention. Like they said its is important to credit other artists even if its just a sketch!

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hello! just wanted to say please give credit to the original artist when you copy their art, even if its just a sketch (the top right image in your sketch giveaway) the artist's id is 61127 on pixiv thank you (:


Ahh, You are correct sir! I was doing studies of Tae’s work while I was going through a slump because they are such a big influence of mine. I do believe that I credited them in a previous post with the same sketch. I didn’t think to do it for this post because I thought that I already had. But if not I’ll make sure to go back and do so properly. Thank you though! Im very glad to see people looking out for artists the way you just did.